Seattle Tantra the Sensual Experience

The word elusions actually refers to the activity of escapes, as in diversions. This site is more about the embracing reality rather than escaping. Hence, the escape is into reality away from the dualistic (reward/punishment) paradigm that our social world is framed in. Our conditioned awareness often prevents us from the fullness of life, self imposed limitations based on what we have learned over the course of our lifetimes. This site offers an escape from that conditioned awareness into the world of sensuality, the world of the ultimate expression of sentience, the virtue of physical pleasure.


Seattle Tantra and Sensual Reiki

Tantra and Sensual Reiki are very different from massage. The practice is not massage at all but light and flowing touch with varied textures, pressures, and temperatures. Massage is a therapeutic discipline in Washington State and requires a license. Tantra and Sensual Reiki are not therapeutic but enhance awareness and encourage the awareness of the spiritual or essential nature of the individual.

Traditional therapeutic massage addresses issues of physical trauma, while Sensual Reiki and Tantra address the deeper psychological issues of conditioning and ego development.

Sensual Reiki and Tantra sessions, as practiced in Seattle, do not gratify sexual desire, that is not the intent. The intent is to make one aware of the life force energies that have their source within the sentient being and are expressed into the world through the energy channels or Chakras.

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